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The two Women of his life(sad love story)

This is a series of Sad Love Short Stories. Basically about the lives of two people, their lifestyle, relationship, pain, and journey. Story 1: The two Women of his life  Sad Love Short Stories Diary Entry "Hello, dear diary. I, Raunak Sharma am again here spending time with you. You are my only companion these days, only You know my feelings, pain, my short sad love story and condition. I am confused about what should I do? I am in pain because I caused pain in lives of the two most important women of my life whom I never wished to give a single ounce of pain. They both caused a fight inside me not a fight between brain and heart because both of them lives in my heart only. No one will be interested to read my short sad story. The first woman in my life is my mother Radhika Sharma who sacrificed a lot to make me what I am today, a successful businessman. I witnessed her unconditional love for me infect she was and is still a little bit partial about me over my 3

Two men and the woman of their life (Part 3)

Two men and the woman of their life Part 3 Suddenly both these two young gentlemen's attention grabbed a crying newly married south Indian woman dressed in kajivaram saree and gajra ( garland made by fresh which women use as a hair accessory.) She was searching for someone desperately at the airport and asking everyone something in Tamil but nobody was understanding her. Both of them went to her and asked what happened. They came to know she came from Chennai with her husband. Somehow by mistake, she got lost. She knows only Tamil and here none understands that language. Both the guys said sweet words to her in Tamil to ease her from her panic state. They took her to inquiry and made an announcement for her husband. Within a short time, he came running and thanked both of them.  At this time they heard another announcement “This is the final boarding call for passengers of Indigo Airlines booked on flight 372A to Delhi. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The fin

Two men and the woman of their life(Part 2)

Two men and the woman of their life Part 2 Another handsome fair complexion tall man wearing a formal blue suit with a white shirt in his mid-30s came to seat in the next row of the same lounge. As soon as he entered he did an inquiry about the flight for Delhi. He looked towards his watch and then surroundings with furrowing eyebrow and half-closed eyes. He had a hectic schedule for the last few days. He finished 10 days work in 7 days and now going back home. Waiting for connecting flight is boring for him. He for a few minutes rest his head in the backrest and later opened his laptop to do some work. As he heard a sound of a little child shouting he looked towards that direction. His eyes fell on a little family of three husband wife and a baby and flashes of his life came to his life.  He used to be the good boy of school and college all bookworm type guy, topper of school and college. His younger brother used to tell him that he was unlike typical Panjabi Munda.

Two men and the woman of their life (Part 1)

Two men and the woman of their life Part 1 A young average completion medium height man in his early 30s was seating in Mumbai Airport waiting for his connecting flight to Delhi. He was coming from London. He was looking towards his watch every few minutes and looking here and there while stomping his feet while waiting for his flight. Impatience is written all over his face. He was going to Delhi after 4 long years. He stayed in Chennai for the last 3 and a half years and last 6 months in London. His flight was 2 hours later and his time wasn’t passing; every minute in feeling like an hour. As there was nothing to do so he started thinking about his past life and actions. Though his hometown is Chennai but due to his father’s central Govt. Job he was brought up in Delhi from his age of 12. His schooling and college were there. There he spends the best time of his life, made lots of friends and also met the love of his life during his school days. His life was running

Home alone with his kids

Home alone with his kids Mr. Vinit Mehra is in a complete mess. He could have handled 1000 men at a time, 2 multinational companies at a time but here he is struggling hard to handle his 4 kids belonged from different age groups, with different demands and needs. He is juggling between them and the constant demands of his time.  From the time his parents left he couldn’t get a single moment to seat for himself.  While trying to do his 11-year-old daughter Sriya’s school science project with her he thought “Admi handle kore tou kaise kore? God knows how she manages them along with me, family members, household works and clinics. He couldn’t find some items which Sriya was asking and she said “Papa you are taking too long. I have 3 more projects. If Momma was here we have finished already 2 among 4 till now.” He said “If she was here beta. She is in Jaipur and there is giving lectures to other pediatricians how to prevent kids from falling sick in this season leaving her own

It’s about Him

It’s about Him A gorgeous woman in her early 30s is standing in front of a huge office building named KSL News and MCA Publication. This is her current workplace, she is going to join here today as a representative of MCA Publication in the marketing section. KSL News is a leading news channel of India and her company MCA had a merger with them to capture the world of publication. Both the bodies will be present they have 60% and 40% shares. She is standing here for more than 15 minutes and still hesitant to enter the building. If she knew previously about that merger and she has to handle from Delhi office then she hasn’t joined here only. Though the owner of this news channel is Mr. Khurana but Boss of the channel and The famous Editor-in-chief for his daring news cover is her ex-husband Mr. Shravan Khanna for the last 7 years. Today he is a big man in the journalism industry. In the news world of India, he is an authority everyone fears his ways to bring the truth out and

A day of Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit’s life

      A day of Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit’s life An angry cry from her son woke up Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit. She tried to get up from bed but she was wrapped in her husband’s embrace precisely to say his half body was above her and their legs were intermingled. She shook him to wake so she can get up from the bed. He also heard the cry, opened his eyes and said: “I am bringing him you get dressed.” He got up picked his track pants from floor wore it and rushed to pick their son before he woke up their toddler daughter also with his cry. Simran got dressed before her husband brought their son to their bed. Darshil brought their 6 months old son Devansh whom all lovingly called as Ansh to their bed. Ansh was still crying as he was hungry. Simran took him in her arms and gave him breastfeed. Simran who is a busy doctor in professional life joined the hospital last month after having a long 8 months maternity leave. So after 10 am Ansh has to take the baby formula that’s w