A day of Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit’s life

      A day of Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit’s life

An angry cry from her son woke up Mrs. Simran Darshil Dixit. She tried to get up from bed but she was wrapped in her husband’s embrace precisely to say his half body was above her and their legs were intermingled. 

She shook him to wake so she can get up from the bed. He also heard the cry, opened his eyes and said: “I am bringing him you get dressed.” He got up picked his track pants from floor wore it and rushed to pick their son before he woke up their toddler daughter also with his cry. 

Simran got dressed before her husband brought their son to their bed. Darshil brought their 6 months old son Devansh whom all lovingly called as Ansh to their bed. Ansh was still crying as he was hungry. Simran took him in her arms and gave him breastfeed. 

Simran who is a busy doctor in professional life joined the hospital last month after having a long 8 months of maternity leave. So after 10 am Ansh has to take the baby formula that’s why Simran gives him breastfeed in the morning, evening after she came back from the hospital and at night. Darshil looked to his wife feeding his son and baby talking with him. After Ansh’s tummy became full Darshil took him to lure in sleep again and with Ansh he also slept. 

After just 30 minutes nap Simran got up from bed at sharp 6 am. She took her bath and rushed towards her mother-in-law Iravati’s room. As expected she was already up and ready for her morning prayer. After they both finished their morning prayer Simran gave Iravati her morning medicines and forced her to have her breakfast. 

Then she went to her younger sister-in-law Niharika’s room and handed her warm water with honey and lemon juice as she put some wait then she forced her to get out of her bed and go jogging. She woke her other sister-in-law Lavanya up at sharp 7.30 am with her green tea. Bhola, the house attendant by that time already prepared a glass of chocolate milkshake and handed it to Simran who went to the nursery cum kids room to wake her 4-year-old daughter Ashi. 

No one other than her parents can handle this drama queen. As Simran pulled the blanket from her she turned her back towards her mother and squeezed her eyes more tightly. Simran picked Ashi up in her arms and went straight to the washroom. She makes Ashi seat on the washroom counter and spaced water on half-awake Ashi’s face who gave her mother a cute pout of irritation. It’s their routine.  After Simran makes Ashi’s teeth brushed and make her gulp her milkshake she rushed to her Papa and younger brother and to woke them up.

Darshil was already up by then but pretended to sleep as he knew his daughter loves to wake him up. Ashi climbed into the king-size bed of her parents where her brother was sleeping on the chest of their father. She holds Darshil’s one hand and called “Papa Papa wake up. It's morning.” 

Darshil opened his eyes and she said cheerfully “Good morning Papa” and in reply, he said “Good morning my princess” and looked to his smiling wife who was watching them with a sweet smile. It’s a regular incident but Simran likes to see this father-children moment every day it gives her peace. 

With the conversation of Darshil and Ashi, Ansh also gets up and all four plays for some time. After this playtime, Simran gives Ansh a bath and makes Ashi ready for her school. Darshil also gets ready for the office. 

All like to have their breakfast and start their day together in the morning. Soon Darshil picks Ashi and bids goodbye to drop her to her school before going to the office. Lavanya and Niharika also followed soon and went out for their respective offices. Simran gave Kichu Bhaiya the cook instructions about what to cook in lunch for Iravati and what would go in tiffin for others. 

She remembered the day she came to Dixit's house as a new bride she was only Darshil’s wife; his love. Her mother-in-law objected to their marriage as they belonged from different communities and cultures but later had to gave her permission to their marriage for Darshil’s adamant, action, and stubbornness to marry his lady love only but never accepted her wholeheartedly as a daughter in law. 

Today after 5 years of marriage she came a long way from there. Today she is everyone’s favorite person in Dixit's house is it her mother-in-law or sisters in law. Her perfectionist mother-in-law left the responsibility to handle this household to her with full confidence though she is a busy doctor in her professional life. everything now needs her attention in this house and everyone is dependent on her for the slightest things. 

Ansh’s nanny came and Simran came out from her reverie, she handed over a slipping Ansh to her, after reputedly saying Iravati not to play with Ansh or Ashi the whole day, taking her food and medicine in time; she went to the hospital to became Dr. Simran Banerjee Dixit a strict doctor from a dutiful caring daughter in law, sister in law, loving wife and wonderful mother of two. 

She became busy in her appointments soon, being a famous and efficient Doctor of the best hospital in Delhi is not an easy job. Around 1 pm her mobile rang and indicate an alarm she set beforehand. She took a break from her appointments and called home. Within two rings the phone was picked by her daughter as she was waiting for her mother’s call. It’s also an everyday routine she calls home this time to enquire if Ashi came home, got fresh and not troubled her grandmother or others, or spend all her time playing with her younger brother.

Nearly at 6 pm, Simran took her to leave from the hospital to look after her near and dear ones. As she entered Dixit Mansion she saw the view that melts her heart. Both her kids were waiting for their Momma impatiently. 

As she crossed the threshold Ashi came running to her and Ansh stretched his hands towards her showing that he wants to go to Momma. It happens every day but still, she feels happy that her children missed her and wants to be with her as she wants to be with them. 

She cooed them and talked with them but didn’t take them to her arms as she was in the hospital’s cloth. After her children become little settled she took bath, changed and played with them.

 Ansh wasn’t ready for one minute to leave her after he got his Momma. She fed him and then at the evening looked after Ashi’s home works, household works, a list of groceries needed, snacks and dinner arrangements, etc. 

As the evening started to turn into night Simran and the kids started to wait for their favorite person to come home. After Darshil came and freshen up Simran got free from kids to look after others as their kids want their Papa to spend his time with them. They forget everyone when they get their Papa. 

Simran enjoys this time to look a lot when Iravati, Darshil, and her kids play along with Lavanya and Niharika together it’s a treat for eyes to see her family happy and enjoying their time. She thanked God numerous times for the bond this father and Children trio shares. 

After all finished their dinner Darshil took the responsibility to read a bedtime story for Ashi and rock Ansh to sleep when she instructs servants about the coming day's course of action, gives Iravatii her medicines, and chatted with Lavaya and Niharika about their day. She behaves with them like a friend so that they can be free with her to tell any problem they are facing or any important incident of their life to her without any hesitation.

 She went to the nursery to see her sleeping kids in their father’s warmth kissed them and left for her bedroom to get ready to hit the bed. She came to the window after becoming ready. 

It was a hectic day to handle both hospital and home it tires her to the bone but she loves her life. The love she receives from everyone at home and respect in professional life worth it. While she was aching her beck she felt a strong pair of hands massaging her back.

 She smiles he is behind everything she is in both professional and personal life. Her loving husband always stood beside her, supported her through every thick and thin. She leaned in his chest and mouthed “Thank you Hubby” A breathtaking smile adorns his face “only thank you will not do the work, I need my rewards” and picked her in his arms to get his rewards and later sleep peacefully.