Home alone with his kids

Home alone with his kids

Mr. Vinit Mehra is in a complete mess. He could have handled 1000 men at a time, 2 multinational companies at a time but here he is struggling hard to handle his 4 kids belonged from different age groups, with different demands and needs. He is juggling between them and the constant demands of his time.
 From the time his parents left he couldn’t get a single moment to seat for himself. 

While trying to do his 11-year-old daughter Sriya’s school science project with her he thought “Admi handle kore tou kaise kore? God knows how she manages them along with me, family members, household works and clinics. He couldn’t find some items which Sriya was asking and she said “Papa you are taking too long. I have 3 more projects. If Momma was here we have finished already 2 among 4 till now.”

 He said “If she was here beta. She is in Jaipur and there is giving lectures to other pediatricians how to prevent kids from falling sick in this season leaving her own kids back in-home” 16-year-old son Shivam who was trying to solve some maths from previous years’ Board Questions lost his concentration hearing his Papa saying all those against their Momma and said “Papa Momma is representing state, A representative of Delhi Doctors’ Association in All India Medical Conference. And if I am not wrong it was you asked her to go and make us proud.” Vitnit murmured “Momma’s boy Kahika.” 

Shivam happily said, “Oh yes I am and I don’t mind calling so.” Sriya said “Yes we all are proud of Momma. Now concentrate on my project Papa.” Shivam said “No way Sri. Papa has given you enough time. Papa, I need you to help me to solve these few sums.” Vitnit was about to get up from the floor to go to Shivam.

 Surely Shivam’s sums are more attractive to him and that is a familiar task as he used to teach Shivam regularly but Sriya holds his hand “Shivam Bhaiya I need to finish these sums first.” Shivam said “sorry Shiya madam but I am in class X and I have a Board Exam in few months. So my study is the priority, Momma also says that.” Sriya became silent hearing this as Rishita says that and Shivam’s Board Exam is important.

 But when he was just a few steps away from Shivam’s table a pair of soft hands hugged his knee, he looked smilingly to the person and there stood his 4-year-old cute daughter Ira. As he took her in his arms she started her banter “Papa Ira also needs your help to memorize her rhymes. Tomorrow there is an assembly for KGII students in school. If Ira didn’t remember her then she will be punished by the class teacher and have to hold her ears. Ira will cry then only, Will Papa like that? Ira needs to sleepy sleepy before 10 as per Momma’s instruction so Ira needs help first.” Vitnit looked at her helplessly. 

Their Ira is a Drama queen and chatterbox whenever she starts talking its difficult to stop her. He looked towards  Shriya and Shivam respectively who nodded to their father to give silent permission to help their little sister. 

Roman put her on the ground and said “Ok bring your book. You have inherited the having of giving lectures from your mother.” his elder kids shout “Papa nothing against Momma.” Ira started “Haww Papa. It's bad to say anything binds someone’s back. And its Momma” he put his one finger in her lips and said “I am sorry Ira Amma. Please bring your book. One Shiya Amma was less than we got another Amma Shivam?” 

Both the men laughed while two girls glared at their father and brother. Suddenly they heard a high-pitched cry from the adjacent room and all rushed to pacify the tantrum king of their family Vitnit and Rishita’s 2-year-old son Iman who is a big attention seeker. Vitnit looked at the watch and cursed himself for not paying attention to the time when he knows very well that Iman gets scared if he doesn’t find anyone near him when he gets up from his sleep. 

He took Iman in his lap and calm him by cooing “Hay champ see Papa is her and all your elder siblings, so why Iman is crying? You are my brave boy.” Soon things turned completely crazy with naughty and restless Iman up. Vitnit was solving Shivam’s sum in one moment then another moment either seating with Shiya cutting some paper for her or making his baby girl Ira recite her rhyme all the while holding Iman in his hands. And mischievous naughty Iman was either pulling a pen from Shivam’s pen stand, trying to reach for glittery things needed for Shiya’s project, pulling the hair of Ira’s or squeaking in loud voice to get the attention of all as he was completely bored.

 Vitnit by mistake once let him set in his foot and then the find and catch game started. Iman went to under the bed first, when Shivam somehow managed to pull him out he went behind the couch and all these continued for 15 minutes before Vitnit catches him finally and thanked God that somehow Shiya managed to close the door before Iman ran out of the room and make them run behind him throughout the whole house. 

When finally they slammed getting full tired on the bed Nilu, the cook cum house attendant came to say dinner is ready. There are four types of food for these four and none likes to eat their kind of food alone. Vitnit had to share Shivam’s Roti and Paneer as Rishia strictly said no oily food for him before the exam, Shiya’s paratha and chole who have a milk product problem recently, Ira’s Dal Chawal as she can't digest any other rice in the night and Iman’s smashed Potato.

 So when Nilu gave him his dinner after he finished making his children eat their food his stomach as well as clothes thanks to Ira and Iman were full of food already. With lots of difficulties, he managed to put his kids' sleep and tucked them under quilt by telling a story, assuring things will be alright in school (Shivam) and when he hit his bed finally he was dog tired. 

The only good thing that happened was that he got an SMS from Shiya and Ira’s school that the next day there will be a holiday for junior classes as there will be a special test for class X and XII students.

The moment he hit bed he remembered his wife and wonder why she didn’t call from the evening. As a cue, his phone rang and it was her. He grabbed the phone as like it was his life he was missing his lovely wife like a crazy man as well as his kids’ super mother. Hearing her voice soothed him. 

He asked “When are you coming, Darling? I am going to be mad if I remain alone with all your brats.” And then he narrated his day to her. She couldn’t help but burst out laughing, then said “Now you understand what we deal regularly? Handling home and kids are not easy than your international deals Mr. MD.” 

he said, “I very well understand please come home soon wify.” She said “Ok ok my last paper will be presented tomorrow before lunch so I will start from here after 2 if I get any flight then I will reach by night. By the way, why are you alone with kids where are others?” 

he said “Don’t worry madam a private Jet will be waiting for you in Jaipur Airport just please come soon. O actually my dear Siya Di went to a stupid summer camp arranged by her daughter Anra’s school, my little brother Ankush went to attain a business meeting, your parents with your brother-in-law Rohit went to Chennai to his ancestral home as there are some legal problems pope up, Mummy Papa had to go to London as Sheila aunt fell seriously ill. Your younger sister Jiya is helping Veena Di to handle her two kids Shravu and Khitija who isn’t well. So I am left alone to deal these naughty spoiled brats of yours.” 

Rishita smiled “Kuch Bhi Vitnit. Who spoiled them? It’s you only. Don’t worry I will be there by tomorrow night.” He mouthed “I love you, Darling.” She smiled “Yah Yeah I know.” Later they spoke for some time she gave him instructions regarding kids and how to manage them easily before wishing him good night finally.

The next morning Vitnit woke up to face another day full of the challenge before Rishita arrives at night. The first thing he did he called his cousin cum right-hand man  Ravi and Jiya to inform them that he was going to take a leave to handle kids so they need to handle all meetings in the office.

 He went to wake up Shivam who was still sleeping forgetting about his exam. He worriedly called him “Uth ja Beta Shivam tera aj Pre-test Exam Hai ” hearing about Exam Shivam’s eyes snapped open and looked towards the watch. He grumbled “What Papa you woke up me so late I needed to practice before going to school. If I fail Momma will grill me as well as you.” Then start the marathon for him waking up all the kids, pulling Shivam from practicing sums and sent to the washroom to get ready, repeatedly asked Sriya to brush properly and take a bath who was not at all in a mood to hurry in holiday, brush Ira and Iman’s teeth, give them a bath and make them ready.” 

Breakfast was another episode here along with Ira and Iman Shivam who was all engrossed in his books also needed to be fed. Rishita called to inquiry how things are going on before entering the seminar. Vitnit put the phone is a speaker so kids can talk with their Momma. After talking to her hyper and naughty kids became settled down little and Vitnit managed to rush to Shivam’s school to drop him off 5 minutes late than usual time. 

When he returned home Sriya, Ira and Iman were just running around the house. Apparently, Sriya started to work on her project but her younger siblings stole her things and started running. After he came back all of them started to demand his time. He first started to help Sriya and managed to do it for some 20 minutes but within this time his younger kids had done lots of things disorganized things, painted in floor, scattered toys in the whole living room, decorated themselves by the soil of Rishita’s indoor garden plants and lastly started to cry after fell as a result of a fight between sister and brother.

 So Vitnit had to leave Sriya on her own and handle these little devils by cooing, dressing their cuts, bathing them again. When he finished he looked towards Sriya’s teary eyes as she couldn’t finish even 1 of her 4 projects and things are not coming good-looking also. He felt so helpless. 

Suddenly he got a call from a super sorry and anxious Ravi “Bhai you need to come to the office soon. Jiya had done a mistake in presentation and Clients want you to do the presentation as well as the meeting.” Vitnit dismissed the idea first but later had to agree as it’s a very big and important project. 

He couldn’t leave kids behind so went office with them, their things in a huge bag and things of Sriya’s project. When they reached in office stuff were completely shocked to see their boss mighty Vinit Sir carrying his 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter in his arms and his elder daughter was walking in front of him while a driver was carrying two huge bags.

 They were all in awe seeing the cuteness of kids but yet to know and handle their naughtiness. Ravi volunteers to look after kids and do Sriya’s project when Vitnit along with Jiya will be busy handling clients. Vitnit told his kids not to trouble Chachu much all of them nodded their heads like a doll. Then he turned to Ravi and said “Ravi Beta best of luck.” Ravi was visibly surprised and said “why Bhai? They are so sweet kids.” Vitnit mouthed “yah yah” and rushed out to attained clients. 

When 3 hours later he walked out of the conference room he felt a change in the office atmosphere. Few people were going in and coming out from his cabin and others nearly running during passing his cabin. His instinct told him that’s something his kids’ handiwork and rushed to see the matter with Jiya in his toe.

 He saw his secretary Ravina was seating outside holding her checks and as an answer to his question, she said She found Iman and Ira cute and pulled their chicks lightly but within few minutes find her chicks pulled by those two. Vitnit nodded his head and entered to see his cabin. The sight inside makes him chuckle and smile while Jiya burst out laughing loudly.

 All 4 projects of Sriya’s school was finished and neatly arranged in one corner, there sat Ravi on the floor all tired and helpless sweating profusely; his sleeves folded till elbow, upper buttons of the shirt were undone, the tie was tied around his head. While the cabin was scattered with pizza boxes, tissue, chocolate wrappers, milkshake glasses, discarded clothes, ribbons and glitters. He looked for that three-person who created the mess. There Sriya was seating in his chair reading a storybook aloud to her siblings, Iman and Ira sat on the glass top of his table and shouting and squeaking while listening to the story.

He got a call from Shivam’s school informing his Exam is going to over in 20 minutes and he needs to pick us and meet his class teacher. So after ordering Ravi and Jiya to clean up the mess and send Sriya’s projects home, he along with kids went out. Thankfully when they reach Shivam’s school three of them fell asleep due to all the fun they did the whole day. 

So Vitnit went to meet Shivam’s teacher regarding some special classes for students appearing Board leaving other three sleeping kids with the driver. Shivam was in a sad mood that day. One look at Shivam’s face and Vitnit murmured “Beta Vitnit be ready your Jhasi ki Rani wife is going to kill you for not letting Shivam study properly if he brings less number.” 

When they reached to the car all three siblings of Shivam were awake and waiting for their elder brother. Shivam’s mood lifted seeing them and later Vitnit came to know that he was sad not for the exam but because he was missing Momma. As soon as he said that that all others started to shout Momma Momma. Vitnit revealed that their Momma is coming back and they calmed down. After having an ice cream father and kids came home. 

The next day was Saturday so Vitnit send only Shivam to study in his room and he with all the other three settled to watch a cartoon movie with a popcorn bowl so that they stay calm and this kept them engaged till they heard a sweet voice “My babies are watching a movie?” all three kids shouted seeing their Momma stood in the door and Vitnit felt relieved. Shivam also heard the sound and rushed to meet Momma. After that last few hours flew away as she handled all five father and kids efficiently.

At night Vitnit enveloped Rishita in his embrace and said “These 24 hours taught me how you are good at handling all of us effortlessly and how you work to keep all of us happy. I fell in love with you all over again.” she kissed him and pushed her tired husband to bed to pamper and take care of him.”