It’s about Him

It’s about Him

A gorgeous woman in her early 30s is standing in front of a huge office building named KSL News and MCA Publication. This is her current workplace, she is going to join here today as a representative of MCA Publication in the marketing section. KSL News is a leading news channel in India and her company MCA had a merger with them to capture the world of publication. Both the bodies will be present they have 60% and 40% shares.

She is standing there for more than 15 minutes and still hesitant to enter the building. If she knew previously about that merger and she has to handle it from the Delhi office then she hasn’t joined here only. Though the owner of this news channel is Mr. Khurana but Boss of the channel and The famous Editor-in-chief for his daring news cover is her ex-husband Mr. Shravan Khanna for the last 7 years.

 Today he is a big man in the journalism industry. In the news world of India, he is an authority everyone fears his ways to bring the truth out and his risky string operation. She said to herself that she is in the marketing section of the Publication section when he is the Editor of News section so the chance of their meeting is very low and Miss Rupali Bedi entered the office. 

When she met Shravan Khanna in a formal meeting he behaved like a complete professional with her, measured and necessary words of a curtsy. But she couldn’t maintain be calm as soon as she saw him, flashes of past came in front of her eyes. He looks exactly the same as he was 12 years ago.

 Looks like he didn’t age for these years, she thought the hectic and risky life he leads it should affect his health and look but it didn’t. She couldn’t help but drool over her Greek god-like handsome ex-husband. 

The cause of their divorce was not that she didn’t love him or trust him or he cheats on her but the risk to be associated with him. Theirs was an arranged marriage, she was in a managerial post in an MNC and He was a struggling reporter at that time. Problems regarding his job and passion were there from the beginning of their marriage. 

she was trying hard to adjust to all these. But after She lost her job due to his action against her company she decided to leave him.  His 8-year-old Nephew Manish’s kidnap and numerous violent and abusive words family members needed to endure for him. Threatening calls were regular those days and she couldn’t cope up with constant fear and tension.

 They fought a lot regarding this but he was not ready to change his way of living so they got divorced and moved on in separate ways. But she is still thinking about him when he is oblivious to her presence. She knew no woman can stay with him he is not meant to be a family man, his wife his family is his love for news.

After 1 month

There are lots of problems going on in KSL regarding Shravan’s string operation and revulsion of the truth of smuggling against a political leader and their other illegal business.

 From MCA management asked Shravan to back off but obviously, he liked to risk the neck of his and others for the news. Typical Shravan, Rupali thought if he had changed they could have a happy family life but he is too stubborn for that.

One day few people entered with the son of that political leader and shout Shravan’s name in high pitch voice. Shravan came out from his cabin and faced them “Mr. Shravan Khanna stop digging about us. That’s better for you and your family.” Shravan smiled and said “don’t give me threats I dam care about them. I am habituated to get them.” 

The Son of that politician lick his lips “You have a beautiful young wife Shravan Sir how will you feel if any day she doesn’t come back home? You find her devastated dead body?” 

Rupali thought she is not Shravan’s wife for 12 long years but still now for this man dangers are roaming around her, she cursed the moment she agreed to come here. 

Shravan’s hand curled in a fist, he was about to punch that man when he again opened his mouth “I forgot I brought two gifts for you. Bring yaar.” Two men came inside carried two little adorable afraid crying injured kids. They were crying miserably. Seeing them all colors from Shravan’s face drained out. 

The kids shout “Dadda Dadda as soon as they saw Shravan. Those men set kids on the ground and they ran towards Shravan. he kneeled and picked them up. The man said “Shravan Sir today we just picked them up from their playschool before your Mother-in-law and handed them to you but if you don’t stop bugging us then you will get their dead bodies. By the way, I will not wonder if your mother-in-law got a mild heart attack after not getting them for this long.” And left the office premises. 

Rupali’s mind started to race as she concluded that Shravan has moved on in his life, he got married and now the father of twins. Her eyes again fell on the father and children trio. But the worried father was busy with his afraid kids. He called them softly “Kaya, Kiyan, Dadda is here baby don’t be afraid and stop crying. You two are Mamma Dadda’s strong children.” 

They hugged him tight and stop crying after some time. Shravan asked one of his associates Rahul, to take care of his mother-in-law and shifted his attention back to his kids. That afternoon KSL stuffs witness another Shravan who took care of his kids, he took care of bruises of them, gave them bath then instruct the canteen to send their food to mash potato with butter and salt, omelets with onion, tomato, mushroom but without chili and bar of chocolate as they like without any hesitation, then fed them while distracting them with stories and finally lure them to sleep.

 KSL was surprised to see their strict arrogant no-nonsense Editor-in-chief transform into a caring hands-on Dad. Male employees thanked that their wives didn’t see that and female employees thought that their husbands should do all these also.

 When KSL was little settled after the incident and back to its normal activities that time senior Reported Anwesha and Rishika came in with cameraman Sukhbindar Gill from their bit. They came face to face with Rupali while they were exchanging a little formal hi hello Tanisha, one news anchor came and said the incident there. Anwesha’s facial expression was horrible. Tanisha also said that “Don’t worry Anwesha, Kaya, and Kiyan are fine now sleeping and Shravan Sir is with them.” 

Anwesha rushed towards Shravan’s cabin and all followed she entered and saw Shravan was sitting in front of sleeping kids on the sofa. She immediately went to the kid's caresses their faces and kissed their forehead then turned to Shravan who was looking guiltily towards her. 

As she came near him and sat on her knees he said “Sorry Anny it's because of me and my principle they touched our kids today and threaten to harm you. I failed as a husband and father.” 

Anwesha holds his hand tightly and said “Don’t blame yourself Shravan. Someone has to show the true color of those scrums and you are doing a very good job. You very well know that I am capable to protect me am a black belt in karate Mr. Khanna. It’s a problem that they dared to touch our kids, we will take more protection regarding that and I know very well for this fault our kids’ father will never forgive those goons and will not leave them in peace. Shravan I fell in love with what you are, your breviary, courage, golden heart, and love for justice don’t ever change. Before becoming my lover eventually husband you were and are my hero, my idol. I came to this field of journalism because I idolize you. I am proud of you. I am sure you are the hero of Kiyan and Kaya also and they will also be proud of you when they will grow up. It’s about you what I love.”  

He smiled as a faint adorned his face as the first time somebody praised him but always everyone blamed him. it was always about him.