Two men and the woman of their life(Part 2)

Two men and the woman of their life

Part 2
Another handsome fair complexion tall man wearing a formal blue suit with a white shirt in his mid-30s came to seat in the next row of the same lounge. As soon as he entered he did an inquiry about the flight for Delhi. He looked towards his watch and then surroundings with furrowing eyebrow and half-closed eyes. He had a hectic schedule for the last few days. He finished 10 days work in 7 days and now going back home. 

Waiting for connecting flight is boring for him. He for a few minutes rest his head in the backrest and later opened his laptop to do some work. As he heard a sound of a little child shouting he looked in that direction. His eyes fell on a little family of three husbands wife and a baby and flashes of his life came to his life.

 He used to be the good boy of school and college all bookworm type guy, topper of school and college. His younger brother used to tell him that he was unlike typical Panjabi Munda. At a very young age, he got a good job in a multinational company with a good package for any middle-class family. 

He was not so ambitious guy so he was very happy with his career s was his proud parents and siblings. Soon his mother started to nag about his marriage and when he gave an affirmative answer she didn’t take much time to chose a beautiful Panjabi girl named Ritu for him. And within a few months, they got married. 

His wife was opposite to him in nature an ambitious and materialistic woman who valued money more than love and relationship. She was fond of good looks, luxury kinds of stuff, parties, etc. Those days he used to be a simple looking simple man with spectacles, short casual hair, simple dressing sense with a simple mind. So she was ashamed to introduce him as her husband in her high-class friend circle. He tried his level best to give her luxury but he failed in her expectations again. For her, his relationship with his family weakened but his only solace was his two kids.

One day when he came to know about his wife's extramarital affair with his boss he felt slipping of the earth under his feet. She left his home leaving him with their 5-year-old son Rishi and 6 months old daughter Meera behind. Their divorce was granted soon. She with the power and money of her boyfriend got custody of Rishi. In front of his eyes, she pulled unwilling crying Rishi from his home when he was, again and again, said his father to “I don’t want to go from my home.” He was helplessly standing there unable to do stop it. Later she passed an order that he will not be able to see his son also.  He was confused about how will he handle his 6-month-old daughter and at that time his family stood by him and his mother took little Meera's responsibility.

 Then the second phase of his life started he groomed himself to become charming, well maintained and stylish, he worked hard day and night to become successful and after 5 years his dream came true when he became CEO of the year, one of the topmost businessman of country, Delhi’s one of the richest men, established his own group of companies one of the best enterprises. Being divorced and father of two also became the most eligible man in the marriage market. He got a lot of things but lost a lot also in these years. 

He lost his faith and trust in mankind, became an emotionless work lover, a ruthless businessman who became a stranger in his own family also. When his daughter wanted his time, love, affection; he remained busy in balance sheets and meetings. He lost the father-daughter bond with little Meera. At that moment he met with his ex-wife Ritu again and she wanted to come back to him. Obviously, he turned her down and did a mistake, he insulted her in public. Ritu wasn’t a woman who would take it easy so she filled a case of custody for their daughter whom she left at the age of 6 months to take revenge from him.

In this time the third phase of his life started when she entered his life as his daughter's teacher and their neighbor. The beautiful caring girl fell in love with his daughter. When there was some law said that a child needs a mother and his famous lawyers failed to solve the problem. She entered there and gave him the suggestion of getting married again and give Meera a mother. 

He married her to keep his daughter's custody but she changed everything. With her support, intelligence and knowledge he got his daughter's custody. she took over the case after breaking her self-imposed long break from the field of law. Later she fought again and they got his son's custody also. His son who was forced to stay in a hostel, missing the warmth of his family soon finds a mother in her like his daughter.

She gave selfless love to his entire family she became their daughter and sister in no time. She slowly brought back his trust, humanity, emotions, she bound him back with his family and kids.

Though she came from a Tamil family, soon she learned all Punjabi customs and language also. The relationship they started as compromise and companionship changed into a beautiful friendship as she stood with him firmly in his time of need. 

She taught him t smile again, think about himself again, take a break from the work world and steal some moments with family. From a robot she makes him human again, it was she who makes him a perfect son, perfect brother, perfect father and perfect friend again. Within no time he forgot his vow not to fall in love with any girl and couldn’t help but fell head over hills for his tigress, crazy madrasan wife. He took a lot of time to confess his love for her but when he did finally she drenched him in her love. He became happy, he felt loved and blessed.

After the night they surrendered to each other it became tough for him to keep his hand off his inside-out beautiful wife. She with her shyness and boldness at the same time took his breath away all the time.  His best friend Mihir says he is making up for his nearly 7 years of celibacy by romancing with his wife at any and every chance. She is an excellent daughter-in-law, wife, and mother. She filled his life in every sense.

 He had to go to Canada for 7 days for an important project and is impatient to get back to his family, his wife, and kids.

His phone biped with an incoming SMS and took it out with a smile on his lips. As assumed it was from his wife who sends him a picture of her in a red net saree looking extremely sexy. He murmured to himself “wait just a few hours Mrs. Kavya Kabir Oberoi, let me reach home then I will show you the result of sending such pictures to tease and arouse me.” 
   to be continued... 

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