The two Women of his life(sad love story)

This is a series of Sad Love Short Stories. Basically about the lives of two people, their lifestyle, relationship, pain, and journey.

Story 1: The two Women of his life 

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Sad Love Short Stories

Diary Entry,
"Hello, dear diary. I, Raunak Sharma am again here spending time with you. You are my only companion these days, only You know my feelings, pain, my short sad love story and condition. I am confused about what should I do? I am in pain because I caused pain in lives of the two most important women of my life whom I never wished to give a single ounce of pain. They both caused a fight inside me not a fight between brain and heart because both of them lives in my heart only. No one will be interested to read my short sad story.

The first woman in my life is my mother Radhika Sharma who sacrificed a lot to make me what I am today, a successful businessman. I witnessed her unconditional love for me infect she was and is still a little bit partial about me over my 3 sisters. I learn my values from her. She nurtured me and my dreams with her sweat and hard work, those days after my father’s death when arranging our basic needs was difficult God knows how she managed to arrange high fees for my English medium school, tuition fees, and books. Though I had a scholarship, helpful teachers and free membership of a big library besides my school library but managing my education along with running our family was really difficult.

 My elder sister Reba, who was just 2 years younger than me, hates our mother and me as she dumped all household works, managing two little sisters Riya and Rusha on the shoulder of little Neha and deprived her of formal education. It's really bad that she was deprived of formal education when all her siblings got the chance. I feel guilty for all these till now. My mother’s world revolves around me, her happiness, sorrow, thoughts everything depends on me only. In return, she wanted my obedience, care and love. I did everything for her and as per her wish only. Two things mattered to me my mother and my work till I met the second woman of my life.

The second woman in my life is Dr. Titiksha Banerjee who stepped into my life as my mother’s doctor. She was a junior doctor in a private hospital. I being one of the trustees of the hospital asked for a doctor who will stay with my mother and will take care of her in my absence. The hospital assigned her and she took the offer for extra money. Her medication and care make my ill mother healthy again. We used to have lots of fights and shared different points of view of life.

 She is a bubbly, go-lucky, charming girl nobody ever can say by her ways of leaving that she was the only earning member for her family till her brother finally got the job. It was absurd to think that we can end up being together 2 years before but see now I am hopelessly in love with her. She pulled out a different Ran from me whose thoughts were not only clouded by either his family or figures of the business. she taught me to live life freely, become carefree, laugh openly, she filled color in my life like a fairy. She filled the vacuum in my life which existed after being the youngest successful businessman also, she completed me as a human being, as a man.

What much I wanted from life? I only wanted to be happy with these two most important women in my life. Was it too much? My fate denied giving me what I wanted. Destiny played cruelly with me. I always believed that God doesn’t exist but Tisha and Ma were hell bend to make me believe in a supreme power but after losing my all hopes for my perfect life I again say there is no God. If there is then why mishaps happened with me again and again? What is my fault?

My world shattered that day when Ma refused to accept Titiksha, our affair and our love story. I was too much confident that Ma will accept our relationship as she can do anything for my happiness but after listening to her refusal ground under my feet shook. Ma asked me to break up with her. How could I? How could I leave without the girl who is part of me? I couldn’t do that. 

Ma was used to the fact that I will do anything she asks without any question and she was hurt to see me giving reasons for Tisha and tears came in her eyes. She terminated Tisha from the job of her doctor with a complaint of ignorance against hewer so the hospital terminated her. She had to face a problem to find another job.

 Tisha was also heartbroken for Ma’s decision and being the cause of the rift between me and Ma. She tried to help me to sort out this problem. Ma becomes ill and I had to cut Tisha off from my life temporarily for a month. She took it in the wrong ways and refused to continue our relationship till my mother give her consent. 

Does staying away from anyone means that we don’t love them anymore? Or we can live without them? After the day she left me at my mother’s mercy I changed again I became the old Ran but not totally. I started to hang like a pendulum between these two ladies to make them understand my mental turmoil, my pain, my helplessness and my desperation to have them both in my life but I failed none understand me.

 Finally, Tisha gave up on me, us and bowed down in front of the wish of her family. Her family told me that they had given me enough time to make my mother agree a good 1 year but I failed in their expectation so now they wanted their daughter to move on in her life leaving her past that means me behind. I can never imagine my Tisha with any other man how will I live without her? 

This life will be too long without her but I can't leave my mother behind also to have my love in my life. How could I be happy after giving sorrow to the woman who only loved me and loved me the most? I become a sandwich between them. I did everything to stop Tisha’s alliance which her Aunt brought for her, I tried to confront her and a huge showdown between us took place she told me that she loves me and will but neither she can ignore the emotion of her family who brought them up I understand her point of view, I understand that her family couldn’t wait for me for whole life but what should I do? 

I tried to talk to the guy Tisha’s marriage is fixed. He sympathized with me but didn’t break the marriage either. Today is my Tisha’s engagement with that guy and they will get married 3 days later only. Today my Tisha…My Tisha will be someone else for forever. I am unable to tolerate this pain, suffocation anymore, I am feeling suffocated having trouble in breathing, feeling a sharp pain in my heart and dizzy from the morning.  Goodbye dairy doesn’t know when I will be able to write again.”

Raunak Sharma was standing in front of the full-size mirror of his room. he couldn’t take the image of the broken shattered man in front of him anymore and throw a paperweight to the glass causing it to break me into multiple pieces. He was unwell from the morning couldn’t stand anymore and fell on the ground in front of broken pieces of glasses. A few pieces cut through flesh of his body and blood started to flow.

After 1 hour Radhika found Ran that bleeding profusely, lying unconscious among glass pieces of mirror. Her whole world crushed down she panicked and shouted for help. Every one of the Sharma family came running and Ran was shifted to hospital. 

Whenever he got a little consciousness he mumbled Titiksha’s name in a weak voice as he wanted to see his Tisha for the last time. Riya rushed to Tisha’s house where the Engagement ceremony was going on. She barged there with her clothes stained with blood she explained the situation. 

Titiksha couldn’t take it that Ran is in pain and his life is in danger she broke the engagement and left for the hospital with Riya. After she reached there she broke down in tears and Radhika first time saw the woman who loved her son beyond her family reputation, who for her son left her engagement and sat beside Tisha to console her. Rusha handed them Ran’s diary which she got after he hospitalized.

They were shattered to know about his immense pain in the last 1 year. He wrote all his feelings, sad stories about love, emotions etc. Both of them decided and vowed to give him what he wants, both of them happily in his life forever. A doctor came out and all of them ran towards him. 

He told me it happened for huge stress, nervous breakdown and he also lost a lot of blood due to those cuts. He said they will try their level best to save him but can’t assure anything at that moment. He permitted two people to stay in his cabin after a lot of pleading. A few hours later Ran got little conscious and found the two most important women of his life hugging each other, consoling each other and praying together for his life, a small smile came to his lips and again he drifted into a deep slumber.