Two men and the woman of their life (Part 1)

Two men and the woman of their life

Part 1

A young average completion medium-height man in his early 30s was seating in Mumbai Airport waiting for his connecting flight to Delhi. He was coming from London. He was looking towards his watch every few minutes and looking here and there while stomping his feet while waiting for his flight. Impatience is written all over his face. He was going to Delhi after 4 long years. He stayed in Chennai for the last 3 and a half years and last 6 months in London. His flight was 2 hours later and his time wasn’t passing; every minute in feeling like an hour. As there was nothing to do so he started thinking about his past life and actions.

Though his hometown is Chennai but due to his father’s central Govt. The job he was brought up in Delhi at his age of 12. His schooling and college were there. There he spends the best time of his life, made lots of friends and also met the love of his life during his school days. His life was running smoothly as planned. He fell in love with a beautiful typical south Indian girl as his parents liked. Both of them belonged not only to the same community but also to the same cast, both were Tamiliam Brahmin. 

So there was no objection regarding their relationship from any of their family. Soon his elder brother and her elder sister met through them, find love in each other and got married making their way easier and bond these two families more closely. 

He and his girl were not only lovers but they were best friends besides childhood sweethearts. They planned their life together from class 9 when they felt an attraction towards each other. They both went to the same school for their 12th and then college. Both of them opted to become Lawyers. They planned to open their law farm after marriage. As soon as they finished their studies and got their license both their parents wanted to get them married. So soon in a big ceremony in the presence of all near dear family members, friends and neighbors they got engaged. Their marriage was in cards just a month away from that day. People were teasing them and they were spending happy times.  

All went well till the day she fell unconscious. That day during a discussion about wedding preparation suddenly she holds her abdomen and started to shout in pain. It was so savior, they had to hospitalize her. 

That day changed his life completely. That day was the last day of their lives as a couple. When the report came her tests all came to knew that she can’t conceive as she has some medical complications. She never can be a mother that one truth destroyed everything, their relationship, relation between two families, of the relationship of his brother and sister-in-law with other family members of his family. His mother who till now was the biggest supporter of their relationship became the person who objected their alliance strongly. 

He also couldn't think that he wouldn't be able to be a father, nobody will call him Appa, there will be nobody bearing his flesh and blood. He was always fond of kids he dreamed of having more than two kids and now all of a sudden all destroyed, his world became upside down. His mother broke their marriage and in that state of mind, he also agreed with his mother.

 He broke the heart and trust of the woman he loved. She wanted to talk with him for once but his guilt and feelings were not allowing him to face her so he turned down her offer of face-to-face conversation for once at all. He couldn't stay in Delhi after that and settled in Chennai, in their ancestral home. It was not the end of his bad fortune. His brother, Balaji who always supported him in every situation of life and was his support system till then left his side. So his brother Balaji and sister-in-law Kavitha broke ties with him after that. He tolerated all those pain for the only dream to have his flesh and blood, his child.

Within a year of that incident, his mother found a suitable girl Madhvi for him and like an obedient son he married with the hope that he will be able to move on in life with that girl but he failed miserably. He realized he loved his ex-girlfriend too much to move on with someone else. Though he couldn’t love his wife which she deserved he tried to respect his marriage, being loyal to his wife thought he was never able to do that at an emotional level. There was not a single day he didn’t think about her, there was lots of moment when he thought if it was her in place of Madhvi, there was a time when he was intimate with his wife but imagined her in place of his wife. He was ashamed of his acts he felt guilty but couldn’t help it.

 After one year of marriage, his wife gave him the news that she was pregnant with his child, the dream for which he endured so much, sacrificed so much came true. In this meantime, he met her again in a function of his brother's house in his nephew's upanayana (threading ceremony of Brahmin young boys). 

She was looking stunning in a red salwar. She took his breath away though there was his pregnant wife beside him. He couldn’t move his eyes from her, he looked towards her without blink as she will disappear any moment just like a fragment of his imagination. In that function, his mother insulted her a lot and gossiped about her. 

She told few other people “do you know my elder daughter-in-law’s younger sister, that fair girl in red salwar is barren. She cant be a mother who can't bear a child. Do you think she is suitable for marriage? I don’t think so. I think this kind of woman shouldn’t get married as every family needs its hair.” She and her family heard it all and broke down in tears. His heart was bleeding seeing her in pain but his hands were also bound so he couldn't stop his mother to do that. But by God's grace, his brother rescued her.

After his son's birth, he thought he would be able to forget her but he couldn't. He understood it very late that nothing can take her place in his life. He finally realized that baby or no baby she alone can give him happiness and peace. But it was too late he has two people’s responsibility, has to look after the whole life. He was helpless and was trying hard to cope up with his life. He got an offer from London and left in hope that their busy lifestyle, his son Kartik and atmosphere would be helpful to forget her but that was also in vain. All those were also not able to keep his mind away from thinking about her and feel the pain of separation.

 Just two months ago his wife and son died in a plane crash when they were traveling from London to Chennai. That was another turning point in his life. He went to hell after losing his son and wanted to be with his best friend his love again. He wanted her to support him to heal him but he only a few years ago gave her the biggest wound. 

After fighting for two months regarding what he should do he decided to listen to his heart go back to Delhi to her and ask forgiveness. To woo her, to try to win her back for himself. This time he was ready to fight the world for her and do anything to earn her trust and love. So he winded up everything and going back to Delhi to her. He thought in his mind I am coming to ask forgiveness from you, to make you trust me again, to make fall in love with me again Kavya, Miss Kavya Viswanathan Iyar wait for me. I want to say to you “nothing is more important than you in my life, you are my life. I love you more than anything.” 
    to be continued...

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