Two men and the woman of their life (Part 3)

Two men and the woman of their life

Part 3

Suddenly both these two young gentlemen's attention grabbed a crying newly married south Indian woman dressed in kajivaram saree and gajra ( garland made by fresh which women use as a hair accessory.) She was searching for someone desperately at the airport and asking everyone something in Tamil but nobody was understanding her. Both of them went to her and asked what happened. 

They came to know she came from Chennai with her husband. Somehow by mistake, she got lost. She knows only Tamil and here none understands that language. Both the guys said sweet words to her in Tamil to ease her from her panic state. They took her to inquiry and made an announcement for her husband. Within a short time, he came running and thanked both of them. 

At this time they heard another announcement “This is the final boarding call for passengers of Indigo Airlines booked on flight 372A to Delhi. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes' time. I repeat. This is the final boarding call for Indigo Airlines. Thank you.” Both of them became alert and rushed towards their destination. They bored the same plane and coincidentally their seats were adjacent. So shortly they started talking. 

Mr. Iyengar started “Mr. K. Oberoi your surname says that you belong to north India. I am surprised to listen to your excellent Tamil pronunciation.” Kabir smiled “yes I am hardcore Punjabi but my wife is a Tamilian beauty. As my lovely wife and in-laws are Tamil so I am familiar with the language and culture.” 

Mr. Iyengar smiled “wow.  So you love your wife a lot that’s why you learn the tough language so well.” Kabir's smile widens listening to this “yes I love her a lot. She is my soul mate. But it was she who started these if you heard her say Punjabi you will not be able to guess that she wasn’t a born Panjabi. She accepted every culture and custom of ours so perfectly within so short time that encouraged me to learn the culture she belonged from. You are a madrasi I guess. Going to Delhi for work?” 

Mr.  Iyengar smiled “Madrasi! No, I am Tamil. I am going back home. I was brought up in Delhi. My family stays there only. I am going back to the woman I loved but got separated for my own stupidity. I left her by coming in my mother's word but now realized she is more important than others and I love her more than anyone else. Hope she will forgive me and let me in her life again. You are also looking impatient to reach Delhi. Are you also going to Delhi after a long time to meet someone special??" 

Kabir smiled widely “7 years” but after seeing his companion's sympathetic and horrified eyes he continued “not literally actually 7 days I had to go to Canada for a business trip but without my loving family, wonderful adorable kids and gorgeous wife every day was like a year especially when my kids send their puppy dog sad face pictures and my wife her tempting pictures every day. So I am impatient to meet them again and spend a wonderful time with them. I am expecting my madrasan I mean my beautiful, darling wife in the airport to pick me up.” Mr. Iyengar asked “so you have kids!!  How many??” Kabir said “two, a daughter Meera and a son and expecting twins as my wife is 4 months pregnant.” 

Hearing about kids Mr. Iyengar became a little sad “I lost my son Kartik a few months ago in a plane crash.” Kabir was shocked hearing that “I think you said you left your lady love 4 years ago”  Mr. Iyengar said “yes that’s because as per medical reports she has some complications and couldn't be able to conceive. So my Amma disapproved of our long-term relationship and for my family's sake, I married someone else and had a son. A few months back both my wife and son died and now I am going back to the woman with whom my heart lies.” 

The story was too known for Kabir his face harden by listening to this. He hoped to be wrong but to clear his thoughts said “we are talking for a long time but haven't introduced ourselves formally. I am Kabir Oberoi.” That time the pilot requested passengers to put on seat belts as they were going to land at Delhi Airport. Mr. Iyengar said “yes we reached our destination also chatting for hours without knowing each other's name. I am Madavan Iyengar people call me Muthhu. I think we will meet again in Delhi. It was nice to meet you. ” 

Kabir left the breath he was holding and said with a hard voice full of rage and disapproval  “I wish I also could say that but sorry I couldn't.  I really wish not to see you again.” 

Muthhu was hell shocked by Kabir's sudden change of behavior and asked: “why??” Kabir said “I am a possessive husband I will not like to meet my wife's ex-fiance who gave her enough pain before and I think you will not also like to meet the woman’s husband whom you are calming to love. But I really want to thank you for leaving Kavya that day otherwise how could I get her as mine and how could my kids get an excellent mother like her. It never bothered me that she couldn't conceive, very fewer people are capable of giving motherly love to kids of her husband's from a previous marriage.  first, she was the mother of my kids and then my wife, my love. Leave all these but I like to inform you that God blessed us with our symbol of love. I want you to remember that now Kavya is mine and you should stay away from my wife.”

Muthhu was heartbroken to know that his Kavya has moved on in her life but he didn't want to believe that and followed Kabir while going out of the airport. He saw Kavya there outside the airport in a stylish red net saree,  mangalsutra and sindoor with two kids. There was a warm and happy smile on her face as she hugged her husband to welcome along with their kids. Muthhu couldn't believe what he saw.

Kavya wasn't married 2 years back when he met her in Shravu's upanayana and these two kids the boy is around 10-11 and the girl is nearly 5-6 years old that only means Kavya married father of two. He followed the family to know about Kavya’s life. The little family went on a shopping trip to a mall and then to a restaurant to have their lunch after sending the bags home. 

He saw how much the kids love her and what they mean to her. he also noticed the pregnancy glow in her face and her little family fussing over her by taking care, offering food at a regular interval, her husband keeping a hand around her waist while children walking in a slow pace in front of her to control her speed of the walk and them giving her every little comfort like they could. 

When the family head back to their home heartbroken Dr. Madhavan Iyenger went back to the airport to book a ticket for the next flight to Chennai as there was nothing for him in Delhi. His Kavya now belonged to someone else, she was happily married to someone else, there was someone else’s symbol of love a new life inside her body, and she was deeply loved and cherished by her husband and children. And he loves her he doesn’t want to spoil her happy life. He prayed to god to keep her happy always. 

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