My journey in my words (series of emotional stories}Part 0 2

My journey in my words (series of emotional stories)Meri Kahani Meri Zubani : Suman’s point of View

This is a series of emotional stories where one of the characters will be the narrator and tell his or her hard times, struggle, journey, love, relationships and their emotional love stories. Three main protagonists Suman, Akansha and Rohan will one after one tell their story.

My story in my words.
My story in my words. 

Part 02

Soon a nearly a 5-year-old boy, a nearly 3-year-old boy, and a 9-10-year-old girl came running to Akansha shouting their lung out “Momma” and hugged her. After she picked two little boys and hugged that girl the teenage boy whom I saw picked her up and twirled her while she said “put me down Adi you will get hurt baby.” 

He put her on her feet and hugged saying “we missed you Momma.” all three kids also joined the hug and said “yes we missed you a lot Momma.” she said “I missed my babies too. Did you bothered Dadu, Dida and Masi this time also like you bothered Masi during traveling from New York to Delhi??” 

except the teenage boy called Adi all three in the union said “No Momma we are good kids. We don’t bother anyone.” She shook her heads in amusement and “I know how good you people are.” 

Aditi said “Ask me Didi they made my life hell. they made me crazy and that long journey My God. Only I know how it was traveling from NY to Delhi with these naughty kids and all this luggage. Thank God Vineet went there to bring us. In Delhi also they kept all running in their tows. Till now all in Delhi especially their two uncles Vineet and Raghav are massaging their legs may be. If Adi wasn’t there to handle his siblings then we all would’ve gone to asylum already.” 

Anshika patted Adi’s chicks and said “My good boy. Mera Raja beta.” The other two asked “Bhaiya is a good boy and what we are? Bad boys?” She sat at their level and said “exactly that. Why you people troubled everyone? Momma told you to be good.” 

Before Akansha scolds them her Ma said: “Asha, they didn’t trouble us they were just curious and that’s normal beta.” Her Baba said “Yes Asha, Roshan and Raunak came to India the first time. Adit and Ruhanii also came after nearly 7 years so it’s normal to be curious. And you went to Singapore leaving the responsibility of them to Aditi that’s not their fault also. You know they were sad.” 

Asha holds her ears and said “Sorry my babies. Momma is really sorry but she had to go to Singapore for some important work but I will make it up to you all.” They smiled and hugged her. One of them said “Momma please sing a song for us” Asha nodded and started

“Tujhko na dekhoon to jee ghabrata hai
Tujhko na dekhoon to jee ghabrata hai
Dekh ke tujhko dil ko mere chain aata hai
Dekh ke tujhko dil ko mere chain aata hai
Yeh kaisa rishta hai kaisa nata hai
Dekh ke tujhko dil ko mere chain aata hai
Dekh ke tujhko dil ko mere chain aata hai”
(movie – Jaanwar)

She was singing the song with such emotion feels like every word of the song she is feeling. Like it is the reality of her life. She sang from her heart and everyone present there listen to it in pin-drop silence. After she finished all the kids hugged her and she hugged them back.

My head is spinning. I really couldn’t understand what is going on here. Who are these kids who are calling Asha Momma? She can’t conceive a baby. If a miracle can happen then also she can’t be the mother of a 13 -14-year-old boy or a nearly 10-year-old girl in just 9 years. 

So I am hell curious who are these kids and why they are addressing Asha as Momma?? Another thing kids were coming from New York while Asha from Singapore. Oh I forgot she mentioned that she went to Singapore for some work and came from there. Soon Sanjay and Doyel started to pull all kids but Asha said: “let them get freshen up, change and eat something then they will play with you two.”

Boudi took them with her to get fresh while Asha met her Ma, Baba and little sister Aditi. The happiness and spark in Asha’s eyes seeing these kids told me that they are very close to her heart. I asked dada later “who are these kids Dada and why are they addressing Asha as their mother? And why are they calling her as Momma instead of Ma if they want to address her like a mother?” 

Dada looked at me for some time and say “they are addressing Asha as a mother because she is their mother. They are her children. They stay in New York Suman not in Kolkata so they call her as they wish as Momma.” Dada went from there and I am deeper inside the puzzle now instead of solving it, fully confused. 

Then I remember that one of my friends used to live in Washington and he adopted a boy and a girl there as a single parent. US Govt. allows single parent ship and they let adopt a child or children to unmarried persons also according to their financial capacity. 

Asha leaves in US and from Ma I heard that she once wanted to adopt a child but orphanages of Delhi rejected her applications for adoption stating that they don’t allow a single unmarried woman to adopt a child. Asha is always too affectionate towards kids so it’s not a surprise that she adopted 4 kids when she got a chance.

 Only my Asha can do that. From her happiness, I knew that she loves her kids a lot. Only she can love any child like her own. That’s My girl my Asha. I badly wanted to break her walls of indifference and want her back in my life. I am ready to accept her battalion of kids also for her. 

I knew she started to move on in her life with her adopted kids but I can’t move on without her so I need to remind her of our old days, I need to tell her how much I love her and show her the dream of our future together. We will have a large family with her 4 kids and my Gourav. I have to say that she managed to find all Indian origin kids in US for adoption. But I really don’t understand why Ishu kept such names of them Adit, Ruhani, Roshan, and Raunak. All names sound like the north Indian type.

Gourav came running to me and I was shocked to see him there as neither he went to pick him or send the driver so how he came. I asked him "Gourav how you came here?” he pointed towards the door and I saw Ritika there with her daughter in her lap. I was shocked to see her there. She greeted me politely and said “Hello Suman. O actually I was coming to my friend’s house nearby so thought to drop Gourav and meet Gargi Didi. She invited me too for function but if you feel uncomfortable then I will not come.” 

I looked towards her and said “Hello Ritika. Generally, we don’t have hard feelings so I don’t have a problem with you being in the same function but this time Akansha came to attain here with her adopted kids. She might feel uncomfortable around you.” She smiled “Akansha means your Asha that girl you are in love till now and were searching for for long. Best of luck to win her don’t worry I will not come.” 

Before she goes from there Boudi spotted her and took her with her ignoring Ritika’s protest. To my horror, she took Ritika there where Asha was chatting with other women.

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