My journey in my words (series of emotional stories}Part 0 3

My journey in my words (series of emotional stories)Meri Kahani Meri Zubani : Suman’s point of View

This is a series of emotional stories where one of the characters will be the narrator and tell his or her hard times, struggle, journey, love, relationships and their emotional love stories. Three main protagonists Suman, Akansha and Rohan will one after one tell their story.

series of emotional stories
series of emotional stories
Part 03

All the ladies started chatting. I saw from far that Asha was introduced to Ritika and vice versa so I went near to hear their conversation. Boudi said pointing towards Asha “Ritika that’s my best friend or better say soul sister Akansha and Akansha this is Ritika my friend and Suman’s ex-wife. Though that identity of Ritika isn’t important anymore now she is a good friend and her husband Rahul Mitra is our family friend.” 

Akansha smiled at Ritika and said hello in her sweet voice which Ritika also returned with a smile. Boudi asked Ritika “Where is Rahul Da and when will he come?” Ritika smiled and said “Rahul went for an office trip to Singapore to finalize a deal with an MNC. So, he will not be able to come. By the way Akansha I heard lots of words about you from Gargi Di and.. I mean Gargi Di told a lot of stories of your childhood and bonding between you two friends.” 

Akansha reached to touched Ritika’s hand and said “You don’t need to hide that Suman told you about me and I am sorry that for me you need to bare those days and pain of tolerating the existence of another woman in your husband’s life. It’s really painful.” 

Ritika gave a pressure in her hand and said: “Please don’t be sorry Akansha there were none of your faults and I should thank you for you I got Rahul as my husband now and am happily married.” 

Asha gave her the best charming smile to Ritika and said “Oh then I am happy for you. Awe your daughter is very sweet. Hey, baby, will you come to me???” the baby happily went to Asha. She has that charm with children. She asked the kid “What's your name baby???” 

Ritika smiled seeing playing Asha with her daughter and the baby on her cute voice said “Reshma Mitra.” Asha baby talked with her “Hey Reshma you are sooo sweet and cute.” Asha looked to Ritika and said “I also have a daughter named Ruhani. Daughters are always Cute and sweet.” Suddenly out of the blue Ruhani came and hugged her “Love you, Momma. I am a sweet and cute yippee.”

 Then came the grumpy sad voice of three boys in union “Daughters are sweet and cute and sons???” Ishita smiled at their antics and said: “Sons are handsome.” 

Then all laughed. She introduced them to Ritika “As you already guessed this is my daughter Ruhani and these are my sons. Eldest one Adit, next Roshan and the youngest one is Raunak. And kids this is Ritika Aunty Gargi Masi’s friend and this cute angle is Reshma.” Then all had a good chat while the kids played. 

I introduced her to Gourav thinking that she who loves kids a lot can’t ignore a kid and he will bring us closer. As I assumed she behaved very well and sweetly with Gourav and raised my hope. Soon everyone had dinner and retired to their rooms. I followed Asha to talk but instead of her room which she was to share with Mihika and Anni went to kids’ room and slept there with her kids. 

The next morning Aditi with some other cousins of their planned an outing with all kids. Asha’s kids, Sanjay, Doyel, and Gourav. It is a bribe for Sanjay so he next day let cut his hair and make him bland as per the ceremony.

 After kids went with Aditi and few other people, elders including Akansha’s Ma, Baba My Ma, Soumya Masi went to Kalighat temple to bring sacred water and shop some more items needed for the ceremony. 

I felt that today after kids and elders went that I will get time to remember Asha our time spend together and let her know that I love her till now, I always loved her and her only. After breakfast finally, everyone left and Dada left to pick one of his special friend from the airport. Boudi, Asha and Ritika were playing with Reshma and laughing at her cute antics. I felt frustrated that she always has to give all her attention to babies if any of them are around.

 I observed that from our dating days. That little monster Sanjay spoiled lots of our dates by just being present there or with his cute demands to be with his Asha Masi. And another fact that there everyone has to depend on her or discuss everything with her only as now Boudi is doing. Planning tomorrow's function and asking her opinion on every little thing may it be her dress for tomorrow or the final check on things needed for the ceremony. 

I need to make Ritika and Boudi busy with other things to talk to Asha. My chance came when Asha volunteer to check the decorator’s work outside to make the house ready for tomorrow’s event. 

We were just going out when Dada came in pulling a bag with him and following him came to a young handsome hunk with a well-built figure in his early 30s maybe. Seeing him Boudi shouted “Rohan my God. What a surprise!! Yesterday only Shekhar told me you will be late maybe will reach after the ceremony and will attain the reception followed only. I am so happy that you make it and came one day before.” 

The young man named Rohan came and gave Boudi a side hug “I had to come Gargi. I told my subordinates to handle the meeting and told the client nothing is important than family and friends. And here I am.” 

He looked towards Asha and smiled. There was something in his gaze that alarmed me. He was giving Asha a complementing look. He licked his bottom lips looking at her lips as he was kissing her. Disgusted people. What kind of people did Dada become a friend nowadays? In his house, his friend is giving that look to his beautiful sister, yes he considers Akansha as his younger sister. 

I looked towards Asha and she was keeping a strained look on her face. What else she would have done? It's a matter of her brother and best friend’s prestige. Then Dada told “Asha look after Rohan very well on behalf of me and Gargi. Make him comfortable he came to Kolkata for the first time. And also cook some Paratha, Dal chawal, Palak Paneer, Chole, Rajma I mean Punjabi food.” 

Asha for the first time opened her mouth and said: “Will he eat so many dishes for Lunch only??” 

Before Dada says any word Rohan said “Of Couse not you crazy bong girl. You very well know that’s not the case. Shekhar wanted to tell only that some Punjabi and North Indian food as my stomach sometimes get upset with traditional Bengali food especially foods with mastered paste.” 

Dada said “Yes Asha I only mean that. You know in spite of living in Delhi for 9 years Gargi hasn’t learned to cook North Indian foods well and your Ma isn’t around to do.  So, I wanted you to cook otherwise I haven’t asked you as I know you will not be comfortable with cooking in our kitchen.” 

Asha said “Nothing like that Jiju. I will surely do it. Do you also want some north Indian dishes??” Dada smiled and said, “Of course Asha.” Rohan looked at her and said “Hey Crazy Bong girl please make Polao. Haven’t eaten it for long.” She nodded and led him to the master bedroom Dada kept ready for him. 

What a man this Rohan is?? He dared to insult Asha by calling her crazy mad bong girl and then asked to cook her polao as it was his home and he was asking his own wife. 

This day became torture for me as I saw Asha look after Rohan and his needs and the man never leave a chance to flirt with her or annoy her with his actions. He was calling Asha to his room for every little thing including giving him already kept a ready towel and the most disbelieving for unpacking his own stuff too. At the dining table during lunch in their presence to praise her he held her hand and kissed her palm. 

My blood boiled seeing it but Dada and Boudi were unaffected as it happens every day. It’s not the first time only I noticed he touched her by any and every excuse he gets. God can’t my Dada and Boudi sees that their so-called friend is misbehaving with Asha and the most surprising thing was Asha tolerated these all without much protest only she made faces. 

I couldn’t control it anymore and said “Hello Mr. Rohan are you trying to flirt with Akansha? That’s not a good manner.” He looked towards me and said, “No. you are wrong.” I got angrier “I am observing you from the time you entered this house and I saw that you were giving worried looks to Asha and trying to flirt with her. Do you want to say my eyes aren’t working properly” 

He smiled and said, “Hey Mr. I want to tell you that your eyes are perfect but your logical mind isn’t working at all.” I was really confused and said “What do you mean? Say straight in simple words” He again gave a lopsided smile and said “In simple words, you were wrong as I wasn’t trying to flirt with Akansha but I was flirting with her. I don’t need to try at all.” 

What kind of man is this and why the hell others are quite after hearing his open declaration? Are they trying to set him with her? I can't tolerate the taught. I said, “You are a shameless man how….” I was cut by Asha she said: “Suman doesn’t interfere in every matter I can handle my matters perfectly well.” I was shocked to hear her words she shut me like that. 

Rohan raised his eyebrow looking towards first me and then her “Suman means Shekhar’s brother??” Asha nodded and said “yes. And Rohan you are behaving like shameless.” He gave her a dimpled smile hearing that and with a wink said “When I was sober dear?? I am like this only and you knew it, baby.” I was about to burst again in spite of Asha’s words but my phone rang and I was called to my clinic for a VIP patient urgently. 

When I returned thinking about Asha the scene in front of me shook grounds under my feet. The door of Rohan’s room opened suddenly and Asha came out. Her condition was messed up.

 Her Sharee was draped carelessly and loosely around her body revealing she did it for a temporary period in hurry, her hair was completely messed up, her lips were swollen, the face was devoid of makeup,  Kajol smudged, lipstick wiped off and there were some red stains on her face. What the hell she was doing in his room and the state of her. 

Then he came out from the same room with a satisfied smile and only his pants on. There were numerous scratch marks on his bare chest and abs. Ishita’s bangles were in his one hand and in the other hand he was dangling the black beaded diamond pendent necklace Asha always wears around her neck. 

He shouted “Oye Crazy Bong Girl where are you going in this state? Anyone who will see you can tell that you enjoyed many rounds of lovemaking with this handsome man.” 

She said in a voice field with love and annoyance at the same time “Rohan. I am going to the washroom of kids’ room to fresh. You also get freshen up quickly kids and others will come soon. By the way, I don’t like people to see this view it's only reserved for me” both of them smiled and went from there and I stood like an idiot.

 What!! Asha let the man had intimate with her? Did he force himself on her? No, her satisfied face, chicks turned in blush, sweet shy smile and words to him said a deferent story. What the hell is going on I am really clueless about the happenings. 

Asha in our 10 years affair never allowed me to come close physically other than hug her or kiss her chicks and forehead. Whenever I tried to go further, she said that’s only my husband’s right so not now. So, what happened with this man? How could she allow him to be intimate with her??? How could she have it with him? How could she let him behave with her like he was her husband?? I need to talk to her later.

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