My journey in my words (series of emotional stories}Part 0 4

My journey in my words (series of emotional stories)Meri Kahani Meri Zubani : Suman’s point of  View 

This is a series of emotional stories where one of the characters will be the narrator and tell his or her hard times, struggle, journey, love, relationships and their emotional love stories. Three main protagonists Suman, Akansha and Rohan will one after one tell their story.

series of emotional stories
series of emotional stories

Part 04
After some times Asha came down in a red salwar. She was looking gorgeous after taking bath. Wet looks always make her extra beautiful but I need to talk to her about the happenings. 

I stopped Asha on her way to Gargi Boudi who was arranging evening snacks for all. She raised her beautifully curved eyebrow and asked “Why you are stopping me??? What do you want??” I tried to pull her by her hand but she looked strain towards me “don’t need to hold my hand just split it out I need to help Gargi.” 

I said “What were you doing with that friend of Dada? What was that?? I saw you two” she looked towards me with a disgusted look and said “I don’t know what you saw but one thing I want to clarify that all this is my personal matter and you don’t have anything to do with that. So, stop intervening or piping in my personal matters and personal life. I think I am clear enough” saying those words she walked out of me. 

I was about to run behind her when someone pulled me and I turned to see its Ritika. Before I ask, she hissed “Leave her alone Suman. She has moved on.” I angrily said “yes she has. She adopted kids, she started to live a reckless life without morals but I will bring her in the track.” She holds my hand when I tried to move towards Asha “Before you go to her and create any drama I wanted to tell you something. Do you know Ishita’s kids’ names??” I was annoyed what kind of question is this and said “Yah Adit, Ruhani, Roshana and Rounak. Anything else” She smiled “Full name Suman with the surname”

 I was more annoyed and said “what do you want to say, say straight without 20 questions. By the way, it must be Bose as Asha’s surname is Bose and she is a single mother.” 

Ritika smiled and shook her head “No. their name is Adit R. Kapoor, Ruhi R Kapoor, Roshan R Kapoor and Rounak R Kapoor. Infect I saw in Akansha’s boarding pass it was written Akansha R Kapoor. When girls change their surname Suman??? They changed it after their marriage. Oh! I forgot to tell you that Shekhar Da’s friend’s name is Rohan Rudra Kapoor. Do the pieces of the puzzle are falling in the right places now?? Rohan and Akansha are happily married and those are their kids not adopted another thing Roshan and Rounak are Akansha’s biological kids she gave birth to them but she loves Adit and Ruhani more as they gave her the feeling of being a mother even before she conceived. So please let her live happily.” 

My world gets crushed hearing that Asha got married, carried someone else’s child in her womb and gave birth to someone else’s symbol of love. What she said Asha conceived and gave birth not once but twice but her medical issue. My head is spinning what all these are she saying. I can’t believe that I don’t want to believe that. That’s why in a feeble voice I said: “she wasn’t wearing Sankha Pala (ceremonial bangles married Bengali girls wear) can she is married??” 

Ritika smiled hearing my words as I said something nonsense and replied “Kapoor isn’t a Bengali surname Suman. It’s a Punjabi Surname and North Indians don’t wear sankha pala they wear Mangalsutra as a sign of marriage. The black and golden beaded necklace Akansha wears is Mangalsutra. If you have noticed her forehead you have noticed her vermilion in her partition too. By the way many Bengali girls now a day don’t wear sankha pala regularly if you notice neither Gargi Di nor I always wear those” 

I was shocked and shattered I waited for her so long and now my dream my hope was shattering in 1000 pieces like glass. I said, “If Rohan and Akansha are a couple then why she wasn’t excited to see him when he arrived here or welcomed him with warm regards and hugs??” 

then we heard a male voice “Because my wife was mad at me for being late to come. We were scheduled to come together from Singapore where she went for a conference and I for a business meeting. But I was stuck with the client and she had to come alone. Infect the situation was like that I might have come after the function also if I didn’t hand over the meetings to my subordinates so she was angry with me and she has all rights to be. Oh! in the morning I was flirting with her to reduce her anger level and as you see I did it successfully. Now I want to say you two things first thanks a lot for giving me my love my Akansha. Secondly Please get a life and don’t interfere in our life.” 

I asked “When you got married?” he told me “6 years ago” I smiled as I got a point to challenge him and said “then how you two have two children aged more than 6 years.” He smiled and said “they are Akriti Bhabi and my elder brother Anand’s children whom we adopted after their sudden demises. And from that day they are our kids.” 

He walked towards blushing Akansha who was being teased by Boudi and Dada. Suddenly kids came with Aditi and gang. Ishita’s kids shouted “Papa Dad Dadda. When you came??” they came running to their father. He sat down to be at their level and hugged them after kissing their temple. He said, “When my babies were busy in an amusement park.” They made a face “why didn’t you called us. We would have come we missed you a lot.” 

He smiled at his kids’ antics “I thought you were enjoying. I am sorry I too missed you all a lot.” Sanjay and Doyel said from back “Uncle we are also waiting to meet you.” Rohan pulled them and played with all kids while Adit updated him about what happened in his absence. Aditi came to give him a side hug and said “I am glad you make it earlier Jiju. Now you handle these teams of little devils. They are too good with you but naughty with others.” He commented something and Aditi giggled. 

I observed them, their happy family. I saw Asha go to their room with Rohan after putting kids to bed. Next day Dada introduced him as Akansha’s husband and a multi-millionaire businessman to all relatives. They sat in the puja together during rituals with other couples and everyone said they are a perfect couple like Lakshmi and Narayana. I couldn’t handle these for much time so left the house with Gourav the moment the Party got over to my workplace. now he only is my reason to live.

Sunan’s POV ended 


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