Under the Wings of the Mother Bird (Sad Love Short Stories)

This is a series of Sad Love Short Stories. Basically about the lives of two people, their lifestyle, relationship, pain, and journey.

Story 2: Under the Wings of the Mother Bird

Sad Love Short Stories
Sad Love Short Stories

Titiksha and Radhika spend the night in a cabin of ill and unconscious Ran. Ran’s illness helped the two women to understand each other and their love for Ran. In the morning the doctor said that he is out of danger and responding to medicines well but they have to keep him under observation for 24 hours. These 24 hours both of them stayed there in the hospital and the Sharma sisters’ hard time feeding them a few morsels of food and sips of drink. 

Tisha’s sister Taniya came to meet Tisha and Tisha handed her the jewelry she wore for her engagement and left from there after breaking it when she got news of Ran’s condition. Taniya tried to take her home as every one of Banerjee's family was hurt and angry with Titiksha. But Tisha refused to listen to her. 

Taniya was worried about Tisha’s health. Radhika assured Taniya that they will take care of Tisha and let nothing happen to her. Tisha felt warmth in Radhika’s words for her first time and unknowingly leaned towards her. She is literally worn out and broken now she needed support and affection which she found just now in the woman seating beside her. 

Radhika understood her condition and pulled her in a hug and caresses her head affectionately for the first time. She knew for her son this woman let down her family reputation and prestige and will face worth of them as well as a taunt of society. She promised herself to protect this girl who risked everything to be with her son this vulnerable time. After 24-hour doctors said Ran is out of danger and conscious.

They went to meet him. he was very happy to see them both together as he understood that now his dream to spend his life with both these women whom he loves the most will fulfill soon but get worried as he noticed them in the same cloth they were the day of his admission to the hospital. His eyes fell on the left hand of Tisha to search for any hint of a ring and felt mixed emotion of relief that she still belongs to him and get worried that what she will face in her home for breaking her engagement. He forced both of them to go home, fresh and take some rest. After they left Ran voice his concern to Riya and Reba about Tisha and her family. They told him to relax as they will take care of that.

When Titiksha reached her home she found out that the decoration was still on in her home and everyone was present there in the hall waiting for her. When she entered they burst out to her for putting them in this situation. 

A broken engagement and marriage on the day of engagement as the bride had to meet her ex-boyfriend made them ashamed. The groom’s family told lots of things to them and pointed fingers at their upbringing and society also taunted them a lot. They were not able to keep their heads straight and go out of their homes. They were hell angry with Titiksha and confront them about why she put them in this situation when she was asked again and again that was she ready to take this step.

 She wanted to reason them but they were too angry to listen to her. They gave her an ultimatum that she has to ask forgiveness from that guy’s family, break every tie with Ran and leave this city with them. When she didn’t agree they told her to pack her bag and get lost in their house. She packed her bags and left her home with tears in her eyes. Only Taniya tried to stop her but she asked her not to stop and left. 

She didn’t have any idea where she will go and stay she thought to go to one of her colleague’s apartments for now and then apply for a quarter but she got surprised to see the car of Sharma family coming towards her when she barely crossed 10 meters from her house.

Radhika was worried about Titiksha so she thought to come to Tisha’s home with Riya to make her family understand the situation and tell them not to judge Tisha hastily but got surprised to see her out of her home with bags in her hand and tears in her eyes. She felt pain for Tisha as she is responsible for her misery. She went to her and asked her in a worried and affectionate voice what happened. 

Titiksha controlled her emotion till now but broke down after hearing Radhika’s concern and affection. Radhika pulled her in her arms and console her. After making Tisha seat on the car with Riya went to Tisha’s home but came back dejected after some time. She brings Tisha to Sharma's house and settles her with Riya and Rush in their room so that they can keep Tisha a little distracted and Tisha feel at home there. 

Riya and Rusha were happy to see Tisha there in their home as they knew now very soon Tisha and Ran will get married and will live happily. Tisha also tried to smile and mask her feelings. She was sad that she had to leave her family and make them had and ashamed for her but never let that feeling come in her face for the family who gave her shelter and will be her future family soon. She knew that her staying in this house will arise a lot of questions in society very soon and they have to get married to silence them without her family which pained her heart.

The next day after they came back from hospital Radhika called Titiksha to her room. She is a mother who can read Tisha’s sadness behind her smile and very well knew the reason for it. Tisha came there and Radhika signed her to sit beside her. Radhika holds Tisha’s hand “Titiksha I know you are pretending to be happy and I know it's normal to be sad when your family is upset and angry with you. I know my insecurity is responsible for all your, if I was not so insecure and afraid then things were not like that now but I can't change past. Please forgive me.” 

Tisha hurriedly said “Auntyji we all are at fault so please don’t ask forgiveness I also misunderstood you. You gave me shelter and protection when my own family abounded me we both learned our lesson a hard way. Please never ever make me ashamed by asking forgiveness bless me so that I can endure their worth which I justified.” 

Radhika kept her hand in Tisha’s head “my blessing will be always with you from now on. I promise you that I will make your family come around and you will get married with the hearty acceptance of your family members. I know how it feels to stay away from family and I will never allow this to happen with you just give me some time. With time their anger will subside and they will be able to see things beyond that. They love you and finally, your happiness will matter to them.” 

Tisha couldn’t control her tears anymore. She was dying to be consoled and assured that her family members will accept her diction and their relationship. Without their acceptance, her happiness will be incomplete. Radhika pulled her in her lap, engulfed her in a warm hug, and put her head over Tisha’s. 

She let Tisha lie in her lap and cry her heart out so that she can be out of the heaviness of her heart and just patted her head. Titiksha felt the warmth of her love and concern and felt protected underwings of a mother bird where no one can harm her. With this feeling and lightness of heart, she felt asleep in Radhika’s lap and Radhika sat and stocked her head so that she can sleep after a long time with peace. She vowed to herself to make everything right for her newfound daughter and asked God to give her strength to fight this tough battle.