My journey in my words (series of emotional stories) Akasha's point of view-Part 01

My journey in my words (series of emotional stories)Meri Kahani Meri Zubani : Akansha's point of  View 

This is a series of emotional stories where one of the characters will be the narrator and tell his or her hard times, struggle, journey, love, relationships and their emotional love stories. Three main protagonists Suman, Akansha and Rohan will one after one tell their story.

Part 1

series of emotional stories

“Ek din aap yu hamko mil jayege

Phul hi phul raho me khil jayege

Maine socha na tha
Ek din aap yu hamko mil jayege
Phul hi phul raho me khil jayege
Maine socha na tha
Ek din zindgi itani hogi hasi
Jhumega aasma gayegi ye zami
Ek din zindgi itani hogi hasi
Jhumega aasma gayegi ye zami
Maine socha na tha”

With this beautiful song sung by the enchanting voice of my husband, I woke up from my sleep. Before I open my eyes, I can smell the fragrance of roses. When I opened my eyes, I saw the most beautiful sight. My handsome husband is sitting beside me and singing this beautiful song while playing his guitar. He smiled sweetly seeing me opening my eyes but continued singing the song. I sat up leaning in bedpost as to enjoy the song properly. As he finished, he wished me after giving a bunch of fresh Red roses “Good Morning My love and Happy Anniversary My darling sweet beautiful wife.”

I returned the smile and wished him back “Happy Anniversary Hubby, A very Good morning and Thank you for making my morning so special.” He said, “Wait, Sweetheart, The morning just started I intend to make your day rememberable.” He pulled a tray from one corner and served me tea and breakfast. My favorite Luchi, Chholar Dal, Alurdam and Payesh. complete authentic Bengali dish God Knows from where He managed all these in this early morning in New York.

As we relish our breakfast, we heard a cry, a cry from our youngest son Raunak. I was about to get up to attain our 9 months old son but Rohan said “You enjoy your breakfast Mrs. Kapoor, I am getting him.” I smiled and sat back as I saw him going to the nursery. He came back to me not with sleeping Raunak only but with all our children Adit, Ruhani and Roshan. They all wished both of us “Happy Anniversary Mamma Dadda” with a handmade card. This is the most beautiful gift for me a card made by my babies.

Who had thought that I will get a Happy family life just 4 years ago? My life was completely different at that time. I was broken emotionally, depressed, professionally and personally failed, no wish to improve in life, just living like a robot. I couldn't help but transport back at the time

Lots of things happened with me within 1 month. I was happily engaged with my childhood friend cum long-term boyfriend Gourav. Our wedding was on cards. Both the family were on a full swing in preparation for our marriage. My parents were going overboard as they wanted to fulfill all their wish which they couldn’t do in my elder sister’s marriage as My sister Akriti got married against our parent’s wish with a Panjabi guy Anand Kapoor. My parents have never liked inter cast marriage so they were against their relationship and marriage. Di and Jiju tried to make them come around numerous times but finally, they came around when they met my little nephew.

Suddenly one day I felt severe pain in my stomach. I was hospitalized and later gynecologists told that I am having a blockage in my fallopian tube and my ovum are less fertile. So, I couldn’t conceive a baby. I was yet to get over the shock when I got the news that my wedding has been called off. My would be mother-in-law said “We couldn’t get our son married to a woman who can't give him a child.” My world turned upside down.

 I was a woman who always loved children that’s why I choose the field as a pediatric dentist as a career. I hoped that one day I will have my own kids. The news that I cant be a mother was shattering for me but still being a medical student I knew these things happen with a few people. I didn’t curse God or thought that why this happened with me. I was cable to come in terms with it but what broke me was my broken marriage.

 I never thought our relationship can be broken for this medical condition. Is being able to give birth a child is the biggest quality to become the daughter-in-law of a family? To be somebody’s wife? Was it my fault that I had this complication? Nowadays it's not a rare disease also. Then what was my fault in all these? And the thing that hurt me most was that I understood his mother being old school and orthodox. But Gourav, he was supposed to stand by me he was my boyfriend for a long time and before that he was my best friend. He was supposed to support me while I was going through the hardest phase of my life, protest his mother’s words, make his family understand but he stood there like a statue with his head low. His silence made it clear to me that he supports his mother’s words.

It hurt me that the person I befriended so long, the person I thought as my potential life partner left me the moment, I was vulnerable, the moment I expected his support most. He stood there with lowering his head. He looked like a spineless coward. I felt angry with myself that I choose this kind of a man as my friend as my partner. I felt disappointed with myself. I started to self -loathing and cursing myself. My confidence became zero and that affected my professional life also. People branded me with the word “barren”, they started to talk behind me and my family back, I became bad omen in any auspicious function. People started to avoid us in their happy auspicious days. My mother's so-called well-wishers started to say to her that  I am not eligible for marriage as nobody will accept a barren girl as their daughter-in-law. My family’s life became changed. I started to blame myself for their misery and life became meaningless for me.

Suddenly I felt a weight in my lap and I came back to present. When I looked to the source, I saw my little son Roshan climbing in my lap. I gathered him in my arms and started to talk with my family. I shouldn’t think about my dark past when God blessed me with so much happiness in the present life.

Part -2....


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