My journey in my words (series of emotional stories) Akasha's point of view-Part 02

My journey in my words (series of emotional stories)Meri Kahani Meri Zubani : Akansha's point of  View 

This is a series of emotional stories where one of the characters will be the narrator and tell his or her hard times, struggle, journey, love, relationships and their emotional love stories. Three main protagonists Suman, Akansha and Rohan will one after one tell their story.

Part -2

Part 2
We all spend some good times and then our kids went to get ready for a lunch outing their father promised them. When we were alone Rohan hold my hand and said “so Mrs. Kapoor were you remembering the situation we got married?” I looked towards his eyes and saw that he read my thoughts he always does for last few years. I told, “I was thinking about my life before you entered in it.”

 He smiled and said “yah! Both of us endured a lot before we met each other, both endured heartbreak before we got married. And I think it happened for good. That’s the reason we understand each other in a much better way and became good friends instantly. Though we didn’t get married out of love but soon we found love in each other and understood what true love is. After falling in love with you only I understood my relationship with Survi it was much immature, my feelings for her were not like that I can’t survive with her but for you it is overwhelming. You are in my every fiber, every cell every breath. I can’t live without you because you are always with me in my mind, my soul, my thoughts. You are my strength my courage, my backbone, my support system. My true soulmate. Now I mentally thank Survi for leaving me otherwise how I could have gotten you my true love my soulmate in my life.”

 I hold his hand “I also thank God every day that he gave me a husband like you without I came to know the true meaning of relationship, trust and love. I came to know what support means. How people can do anything for the person they love, how someone can stand against the world if needed for his beloved. How to love selflessly. How it truly felt when your love is threatened to be away from you and then also you will be ready to endure the pain if it makes him happy. You know when Survi came back and demand you back it felt to me that earth below my feet has vanished, my whole world crushed I was feeling a heavy stone in my chest and I will leave breathing but still, I was ready to let you go as I thought she was your happiness. But you shocked me when you confessed your love for me that night instead of meeting her and you gave me the whole world of happiness.”

 He pulled me in his arms and kissed my forehead “I was in love with you already and you professed your love for me in a sweet way and made me the happiest man on earth. I didn’t answer you immediately as I wanted to make it special and memorable for you but in between Survi came and made those vizard demand. Her coming back made it clearer to me who is essential for me to live.”

 I couldn’t help but think about our past and our marriage situation, the reason for our marriage and days after our marriage. It was those days when my mother was trying very hard to find a groom for me and get me married. But my disability to give birth was the barrier, at first glance maximum potential groom’s family were agreed but when they came to know about my medical issue all rejected me. It didn’t affect me as I was ready to live like this but my mother was in depression.

 Suddenly one day we got a call from Mrs. Kapoor, my elder sister’s mother-in-law. It was bad news that my Didi (elder sister) and Jiju (brother-in-law) were hit by a truck when they were returning from somewhere. We all rushed to the hospital to only get to know that their car was badly damaged, few local people send them to hospital, jiju was spot dead and my sister was in serious condition. Doctors said there was no chance of saving her.

She called all of us in her cabin. She told “I know that Anand is dead and I am going to die. It doesn’t matter to me as I don’t want to live without him but I am concern about our children Adit and Ruhani. They are too young to be orphan. I want them to get the love of their parents. Asha today I am giving you my motherhood. From today onwards you are the mother of Adi and Ru. Teach them to call you Mammy. This will b perfect they will get their mother and you will get your children and I know you will be the best mother in the world. Only if possible, find a good father for them who will love them like his.”

That day Akriti Di died but she made me a mother when I saw crying Adit and Ruhani I pulled them in my arms and showered all my love. They accepted me so easily and give me a reason to be happy. They became my world my reason to live. My mother also came out of depression and the presence of these two kids made our home out of misery. But one thing bugged me a lot. My sister’s last word “Find a father for them who will love them like his own.” I knew though I love them more than my life and so do our family but still it's important to get a father’s love for every child. I was helpless how can I find a good father for them.

God heard my plea. One day Kapoor family came and said: “we miss kids a lot so came to meet them.” My parents were sympathetic to them as they also lost their son and kids too. Kids used to stay with them. They spend a good day with children and it continued every weekend they started to come or we go with the kids so Kapoor family can spend a day with them.

One day children came home crying and I was panicked. They told someone in school told them orphan, children without parents. When Ruhana tried to argue that they have a mother she was told that her and my surname is different and I am her aunt not mother. That day I realised that we need to make it legal. And in our country adopting kids as a single parent is difficult. When I discussed it with our and Kapoor family they gave us a proposal.

 “We have a proposal we were thinking about how to tell this but now in this situation, it will be good for the kids. Kids got their mother in Asnshika but they need a father too. Our youngest son Rohan loves kids a lot and he misses them from the time he returned to India. So, we are thinking that if Anshika and Rohan get married then they can together adopt kids.  There will be no legal issue and children will get a proper family.”

It was a shock for both me and Rohan then. None of us expected this coming. Seeing both of our shocked expression Mr. Kapoor continued “don’t you two think that that’s the best solution. Rohan, you told after Survi’s betrayal you don’t want to get in any relationship because you say you will not be able to fall in love for anyone or don’t want to spoil anyone as you don’t want any girl to expect anything from you and get disappointed. But you love kids I know you tried to adopt a kid in U.S. And as per I know you love Adi and Ru a lot. And Anshika though your mother wanted to get married you but you always told that you were not ready for being someone’s wife after Suman but you love kids and consider them as your own. Here neither Rohan will want a wife out of Anshika and nor Anshika would expect him to be a good loving caring husband. But kids will get both their parents. You can legally adopt them also and they will be happy.”

Both of us looked towards each other and Rohan told “I need some time to think and maybe Anshika too. But before We think about the matter I would like to talk to Anshika alone and somewhere else.” Everyone granted the wish. We met the next day at a coffee shop. That day he kept his life bare in front of me. I remember every word of Rohan.

He told “Anshika I was in the U.S for the last 2 years you heard about it but I think you didn’t know why. But today I want you to know it. I was in my college, 1st year when I met a girl named Survi. We met few times and soon felt attracted towards each other. We dint take much time before being in a relationship. We were in a steady relationship for 6 years. she always used to tell me that I am not like her careerist, not highly ambitious, etc. she was an ambitious girl and when she got some a good opportunity and had to choose between her career and me, she chose her career and broke up with me. But her choice made my trust vanish from relationship and I didn’t feel like staying in India anymore. I am not over yet and can be a good friend and a good father but not a husband.”

I smiled at him and said “I am not searching for a husband. I am searching for a good father for my children and I am dam sure you will be a very good father. And it's my good luck that I am going to get a friend. I am also not ready for being somebody’s wife. I also have a past and a very recent one.” I told him my story, my medical problem and Suman’s retreat. When I looked towards him I saw respect for me, not sympathy. He is the first one who didn’t show me sympathy and said “none of us deserved the partner we got. For one career was more important than relationship and love and for others who care about society and over his beloved. But it was our bad luck we wasted some precious time of our life with them. But now we will live for those whom we love and who love us selflessly.”  

I agreed “Yes”. I came back to the present day and smiled at my hubby. He was looking towards me too and said “I was on the same page. I was also thinking about the situation we got married. We got married for love of those two angles and later fell in love with each other.” I kept my head on his shoulder and both became lost in memory again.”


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